Baby got back in the front

she got azz for days...

EARTHQUAKE? Baby got backyard for days but its all in the frontyard… 🙂



have a bite

old ass chicken

GHETTO BUFFET: I just left a bootleg all-you-can-eat joint where the food was so old I seen a piece of chicken that I swear I went to high school with…i think my man graduated a few years before me, we used to call him ‘old school’. suddenly being a vegetarian doesn’t look so bad


You have often set me up for failure luring me into bad decisions, pointing
me in the direction of the worst choices of lovers & friends. You have told
me that i can’t make it & that giving up would be so much easier. you’ve said to me that
i don’t deserve any better and that crap aint so bad after all…
who are you… some folks would call this a ‘self-destructive personality’ or say its ‘the devil’. what do you say ?


mood killer

no matter how swanky the restaurant is, nothing kills the experience more than being seated near the restrooms… 😦 whether its the aroma-therapy or the sound effects your mood is bound to be altered… what do you think?


seek & find a reason to be

find your gratitude

think of the five most cherished things in your life today, now imagine life without them. now go & show some real appreciation that you’ve been blessed to have another day with them… tomorrow aint promised 🙂 sadly we often dont know what we’ve got til its gone. a little gratitude goes a long way. by making the most of today, we can avoid future feelings of regret… do you agree ?

NBA: ‘Not Bettering Anything’

stregnth in numbersit doesn’treally matter if it’s LA, BOSTON or the CAVS who win becuz people will still be outta work, dying from violent crimes, racially profiled & struggling to make it in america. millions of us gather to watch a game. maybe we need to come together on some real shit sometimes…
i’m not hating on sports; by all means, i support you on enjoying them to the fullest. in a world as chaotic as ours can be – i think its a healthy diversion. but just as all work and no play makes jack a dull boy – all play and no work makes us a lazy, unorganized, easily victimized, likely to stand together for nothing & fall for anything type of people. which people am i talking about ? blacks people ? sure i am. but not exclusively, i’m also talking about american people of every color and ethnicity. all those to whom this country’s powers that be frown upon and laugh it with it’s ‘take care of the rich folks’ attitude. maybe the next time there is a rally or a march for a worthy cause like cancer or voter registration or anything else that tickles your fancy maybe you should get off your ass and go participate. at some point if enuf of us start taking a stand this might actually become a country witha government of the people bythe people & for the people like its supposed to be… peace


get free

We can be free...

sometimes yesterday wants to drown me in an ocean of regret & sorrow… but I don’t have to let it. instead I can make peace with yesterday & thank it for making me the man that I presently am. thank God that the true measure of a person isn’t where they came from but instead where they’re going… keep moving forward y’all 🙂